Each day and practice is different. Honor and listen to your body.
Instructors provide detailed guidance to help you fully explore your potential.
To ensure your safety, instructors offer variations and options as well as verbal and hands-on adjustments.

Want to share yoga with your family, club, or company?
Contact me to bring one of these classes to your group.

Intro to Yoga
Yoga is for everybody! Reduce stress, improve your posture, stretch and strengthen the body, and learn to breathe more efficiently. In this 4-week course, build body awareness, connect to the breath, find alignment, move the body with intention, and learn some yoga concepts and philosophy in a fun, non-competitive environment. Each week will feature different pose types: standing / balance, seated / twists, backbends / folds, inversions / restorative. Instructor provides hands-on adjustments and offers modifications/variations. Sign-up for the series or for an individual class.

Yoga Essentials
Empower your personal yoga practice. Connect breath, body, and mind in a fun, non-competitive environment. Develop balance, strength, and flexibility with Sun Salutations, alignment-based poses, and challenging sequences. Together we approach each practices with a beginner's mind.  Learn to integrate asanas (poses), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation/relaxation into your daily life. 

Core Functional Fitness
Explore the layers of your core in a very different way. From various planes of movement, you will discover stability, mobility, and how to strengthen body imbalances. We will discuss neutral vs. natural alignment to improve your posture, create healthy new habits, and reduce the aches and pains in your daily life. Many of the CFF exercises have a basis in yoga though no prior yoga experience is required.

Chair Yoga
Everyone can do yoga while seated in a chair. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of your body allowing you to improve your posture, mobility, and flexibility. Stretch and strengthen the body using flowing movements, deep stretches and breathing techniques. All are welcome.

Yoga for Stiff Bodies
Do you struggles to touch your toes or feel comfortable in your body? Join us for an accessible yoga class that is dedicated to movements and postures that target hips, quads, hamstrings, back, and shoulders. Using the wall, floor, and multiple props, we will open and stretch tight muscles. Discover how to rejuvenate your joints, reduce the aches and pains of daily life, and explore self-care recovery skills. This is a great class for first-time yoga students. No previous yoga experience or flexibility is required. Come with an open mind and discover a new you.

Gentle Yoga
Start to slow down and move more mindfully. Asanas are practiced at a slower pace to promote awareness, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and instill a sense of inner calm. Emphasis is on breathing and stretching for self-care. Recommended for all levels looking for a soothing and relaxing experience especially those newer to yoga or those working with special concerns or injuries. 

Restorative Yoga
Recharge and renew with a gentle restorative yoga practice that’s designed to relax your body, restore your mind, and promote healing. Fully supported by a variety of yoga props, these restful postures are held for 5-10 minutes allowing the body to open on its own. Our restorative practice provides time for mindful awareness, introspection, and deep relaxation. Dress in comfortable, loose, and warm clothing.

Yoga for Runners and Cyclists
Need a little TLC after your practice, race, or competition? This recovery class is designed for weekend warriors and athletes (runners, cyclists, or other sport enthusiasts) looking to stretch tight muscles, rejuvenate joints, and develop self-care recovery skills. Increase your flexibility, breath capacity, balance, and core strength so you can perform better, experience less soreness, and reduce your risk of injury. No previous yoga experience is necessary.