Success Stories

Cynergy Wellness has many satisfied clients who have reached their wellness goals.


Says Lucien J., Milwaukee, WI:

"Cynergy Fitness changed the way that I think about strength training and weight loss. Before I started working out with Cynthia Akey, I was stuck in an unsatisfying routine of circuit machines and free weights. I was at the gym five days a week, but I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted -- I wasn’t losing weight. I looked bulky when I wanted to look lean, and I was constantly tired and sore or dealing with knee, neck, or back issues. This was frustrating because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

That’s when I reached out to Cynthia. She immediately identified problems with the way that I was exercising and went about designing a comprehensive wellness plan that included nutrition, cardio, and weight training. Right away, I could tell that her approach to fitness was new. She incorporates a lot of stretching and yoga moves into her workouts, which is something that I’d never seen before.

Exercising feels good now and joint pain and neck and back issues have disappeared or are greatly diminished. I feel safe with Cynthia because she makes sure that I’m exercising correctly and am maintaining proper form. This gives me the confidence to push harder and work at another level so that I get the most out of our time together. Within three months, I lost weight, looked leaner, and felt better than I had in years!"


Says Karen D., Milwaukee, WI

"Cynthia Akey was my very first Yoga instructor in 2006. And she ruined me for any other Yoga instructor I have had after her. Not one of them came close to her warm, caring, gentle instruction. Her attitude and her teaching methods were exemplary. She is a patient thoughtful instructor who can introduce the practice of yoga in such a way that you leave her session thoroughly exhausted, but refreshed and ready to come back for more."

Says Kathleen F., Milwaukee, WI

I have been working with Cynthia Akey as my personal trainer since 2013. I can't say enough about how much she has helped me along my journey to transform from a couch potato to an athlete. I continue to work with her, and have referred a number of people to her.

One of the things that impresses me most is that Cynthia has developed an incredible knowledge base through extensive study and experience, and understands a great deal of science behind fitness, exercise, nutrition and health. And, she constantly builds on that knowledge base, pursuing additional training and keeping up with new developments and techniques.

Cynthia is also skilled in applying her knowledge during training. She is exceptionally perceptive and attentive to detail, recognizing what is needed based on her observations and periodic assessments, and guiding the course of training appropriately. Cynthia is well-prepared to help women and men of all ages and levels of ability to reach their fitness goals.

Comparing Cynthia to other personal trainers, I must say I have a deep appreciation of Cynthia's style, manner and overall approach to training. On top of everything else, she is really encouraging, creative and fun to work with!"