Our workshops provide opportunities to expand your knowledge and encourage playful practice.

Each day and practice is different. Honor and listen to your body.
Instructors provide detailed guidance to help you fully explore your potential.
To ensure your safety, instructors offer modifications and hands-on adjustments.

New Year’s Day: Inspired Intention Yoga Workshop
Friday, January 1, 2016: Noon - 1:30 pm

New Year’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate, reflect, and renew your commitment to yourself. Starting with a gentle and intuitive asana yoga practice, explore the elements of Sankalpa or “inspired intention.” Connecting to your inner wisdom, journal to reflect upon your desires and aspirations. Learn to carefully refine your Sankalpa so it may be integrated into a guided 20-minute yoga nidra practice (conscious relaxation/guided meditation). Lead by Cynthia Akey, this workshop is the perfect blend of mindfulness and movement. All are welcome. Space is limited. Cost: $20

Intro to Yoga - Sundays at 9:30 am

Yoga is for everybody! Reduce stress, improve your posture, stretch and strengthen the body, and learn to breathe more efficiently. In this 4-week course, build body awareness, connect to the breath, find alignment, move the body with intention, and learn some yoga concepts and philosophy in a fun, non-competitive environment. Each week will feature different pose types: standing / balance, seated / twists, backbends / folds, inversions / restorative. Instructor provides hands-on adjustments and offers modifications/variations. Sign-up for the series or for an individual class.